Is this blog for you?

Hello and welcome!  My name is not Joe, but for the sake of anonymity I’d like to be henceforth known as Joe.  So call me Joe!

I have anxiety.  I actually have a lot of it.  The diagnosis is currently labeled “severe anxiety”, meaning that the 4 D’s of psychological abnormality are in full swing!  It’s noticeable, too, and it’s very embarrassing at times.  I know I’m not alone.  There are a lot of you out there who suffer from anxiety.  It’s mind-numbing, isn’t it?  What’s worse is it’s not something that we can share with other people.  They don’t seem to understand.  It’s not their fault, of course, but how can you explain what it feels like when in the midst of an episode?  How can you put in to words the pain your chest, the violent thumping of your heart, the sickness in your stomach, the blinding cloudiness filling your head and distorting your reality into a twisted ball of crap?  You can’t.  And what’s worse is the wildly misappropriated self-diagnosis of “anxiety” for every person who experiences an inkling of stress and starts bitching and moaning about how much hard it is to be them, when in fact they have no idea what anxiety really feels like.

This blog isn’t just for my anxious friends, but for those who are friends with them, or dating them, or even married to them.  I’d like for this to be a safe place for us to talk.  Every once in a while (hopefully I don’t lose focus and keep this blog going) I will share a story about my past and some of the causes of my anxiety.  I’ll also include some retellings of my worst moments dealing with this sickness, and talk about what parts of my therapy/medication work and don’t work.

I hope that as I continue to write, readers will jump on board and share your stories… perhaps share some of what you find works for you.

Until next time, take a deep breath and keep on moving forward!



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